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What is MyMixtapes? 

MyMixtapes is a music app that allows you to listen to your favorite music by creating your own playlist or using the available playlists at a very low cost. MyMixtapes lets you choose from the latest and the most popular music to create your playlist.  You can listen to your playlist (“My Tracks”) music offline anytime, anywhere, hence saving you money by reducing your data costs.  

What I can listen to on MyMixtapes?

You can download the App by clicking on you Google Play if
you are an Android User or Clicking on App Store if you are an iPhone user

What I can listen to on MyMixtape?

We give you a wide range of music to choose from. You can download up to 40 songs from the various lists onto ‘My tracks’ for offline hearing. You can listen to 30 secs previews for all these songs.

What is the Subscription Cost for iOS users?

You will be charged a very small daily subscription fee to avail this service.
UAE – AED 3/week

What is the Subscription Cost for Google Play users?

UAE – AED 3.5/week

What is the Subscription Cost for Du Subscribers?

You will be charged a very small daily subscription fee to avail
this service (for Android Users only).

DU: AED 0.5/day or AED 3/week

How can I subscribe to MyMixtapes if I am a Du Subscriber?

You can subscribe through SMS by sending SUB MIX to 2057 for the Daily Package or by sending SUB MIX2 for the Weekly Package You can also download the app from Google Play by clicking on the below image. You can then subscribe from within the App.

How long my Subscription will be for?

Your subscription to MyMixtapes will be on a daily or weekly basis. For Daily, at the end of every day your subscription will be automatically renewed. For Weekly, at the end of the 7th day of your start date the subscription will be automatically renewed.

How do I unsubscribe to MyMixtapes if I am a Du Subscriber?

You can unsubscribe from any package anytime by sending UNSUB MYMIXTAPES to 2057 Or Visit the ‘My Account’ section in the app and follow the
steps to view unsubscribe link. Click 'unsubscribe' to discontinue from the services.

How do I unsubscribe to MyMixtapes from the Android app?

Go to settings inside the app and click on Unsusbcribe.

How do I unsubscribe to MyMixtapes from the iOS app?

You can manage your subscription from your iTunes account.

What Do I need to have to listen to MyMixtapes?

All you need is an Android mobile phone and active internet connection, and you are ready to enjoy MyMixtapes. After downloading your music you can turn off the data.

I have successfully subscribed but I can’t Listen to MyMixtapes as a Du Subscriber?

You can use the link that you have received via SMS to download the app first. Then login to the app as it will be prompted. If you misplaced the link then you can download the app from Google Play by clicking the below image. There may be a chance that you cannot use the app as you do not have enough credit. In that case make sure to top up your account and come back tomorrow.

What are the mobile phones compatible with MyMixtapes?

MyMixtapes is compatible to all Android devices with Android 4.0 and above and all iOS devices

Why does it allow only 30 secs preview?

The app is meant for offline music play to save on your data costs. This is why we do not allow full streaming.

What if I can't find a solution to my problem?

You can report an issue with our online form or send an email to describing the nature of the problem. Please tell us the make and model number of your mobile device and the name of your carrier. If you're emailing us, please also try to include a screenshot and tell us what browser you're using on your device.

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